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David Bisbal publishes today “You Are Magic” Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie the main theme of the movie ‘The Magic Park (Wonderpark)’. “Tú Eres La Magia” is the adaptation in Spanish of the original song composed by Anne Preven and Steven Price, produced by Ali Dee, Doug Davis and Anthony Mirabella. Coinciding with the release of the song, the official video clip that the artist recorded last October in New York is also released.

“Wonder Park”

DAVID BISBAL, winner of 3 Latin Grammy and sales muntiplatino, is one of the most recognized Spanish artists worldwide. Throughout his career he collects more than 80 national and international awards. It surpasses the one trillion views to its videos in YouTube and the 2,700 Millions of streams to its songs. In his social networks accumulates more than 19 Million followers Watch Online or Download instant and has collaborated with artists of the likes of Miley Cirus, Rihanna, Raphael, Juanes, Juan Luis Guerra, Luis Fonsi, Stevie Wonder, Juan Gabriel, Alejandro Sanz and Placido Domingo among others.

David Bisbal is also UNICEF’s ambassador since 2017. ‘The magic park’ is an incredible adventure where the imagination of June, Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie a tremendously creative girl, makes a wonderful amusement park come alive.

Produced by André Nemec, Josh Appelbaum and Kendra Haaland. Executive producers: Jonathan Gordon, Don Hahn, Karen Rosenfelt and Brian Witten. Screenplay by André Nemec and Josh Appelbaum. Idea of ​​Robert Gordon.

The Castilian dubbing has the voices of: Andreu Buenafuente as Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie and Silvia Abril as GRETA. “El Parque Magico”, a production of Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies, tells the story of an amazing amusement park that awakens the imagination of a girl, June, overwhelmingly creative. A magical day, while June scampers through the woods back home, discovers an old abandoned roller coaster car and gets on it. Suddenly, you will discover that you are in Wonderland, an amusement park that you had created in your mind and that you almost did not remember. All the attractions and characters have come to life, but without June’s presence, chaos threatens to take over the place. Now, with the help of the adorable and fun characters from her amusement park, June will have to rearrange Wonderland to be the wonderful place it once was before it gets lost forever.

“Wonder Park”

In the month of March, the engines of a premiere season Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie kick off that will take the direct cinephile to the end of stage three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the expected premiere of The Avengers: Endgame. Meanwhile, the following films promise to offer enough elements to amuse their audiences with diverse cinematographic genres.

Doug Liman, one of the favorite filmmakers of the star Tom Cruise, presents Chaos Walking, a science fiction project that is based on a literary trilogy by Patrick Ness, a writer remembered for his work A monster comes to see me.

With an approximate budget of $ 100 million, this film is starring Tom Holland, who is having an explosive year, as it will appear in the new Spider Man and the Avengers, who will act along with Daisy Ridley (Star Wars) and Nick Jonas ( Jumanji).

And what’s the plot? A young man survives in a dystopian Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie society where there are no women and everyone can hear the thoughts because of a phenomenon known as ‘noise’. The story gets complicated when a female character appears, so they are forced to flee to save their lives.

“Wonder Park” Box office

Among generations of fans of the genre, Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie  this could be the surprise of the season and may raise a legion of followers as what happened in the sagas of Twilight or The Hunger Games, given the quality of the books of the American writer.

Little is known about the film, Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie  but in specialized film magazines it is said that its release date is the first week of March, with a distribution of the company Lionsgate.

Another of the surprises of the season is Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie the return of Ben Affleck to film projects, after saying goodbye forever to the Batman cape and being immersed in scandals in his personal life.

Affleck, as an actor, is placed under the orders of director JC Chandor (A very violent year and Margin Call) to accompany the Guatemalan Oscar Issac (Star Wars), Charlie Hunnam (Pacific Rim), Watch Online or Download instant the Chilean Pedro Pascal (Game of thrones) and Garret Hedlung (Tron: The Legacy), to show a military commando who plans to execute a theft of drug cartels in the triple border between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.

The interesting thing about this movie, Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie  Triple Frontera is that the limited release will be in the cinemas of the United States, but after March 6, the Netflix platform will launch it as one of its great productions of 2019.

Magic Park is the first animation of Paramount Animation Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie , developed in conjunction with Nickelodeon Movies. The movies premieres on March 14.

What if the park you always dreamed of will come alive? Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies present Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie “Magic Park”, Watch Online or Download instant their new animated production that will open the school season in the movie theater with an adventure full of color, humor and imagination.

“Wonder Park”

Magic Park tells the story of June, a creative and Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie  determined girl who finds an amusement park abandoned in the woods. In her tour of the attractions and in her fun conversations with the animals of the enclosure, she discovers that this world has arisen from her imagination and that only she has the capacity to save it. Together with her friends, she immerses herself in a roller coaster of emotions and challenges that, as her mother has told her, lead her to verify that “she can create anything she imagines”.

The film, distributed by Andes Films, Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie  deals with topics such as the relationship between parents and children, the promotion of the imagination and the ability to solve problems. It also presents an attractive visual proposal with the use of advanced animation techniques and surround sound technology. Its premiere in Chile will include 2D and 3D copies in all regions of the country.

“‘Magical Park’ is a film that presents attractive content with empowered, fun and creative characters. Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie  It also generates identification in audiences of all ages, because Watch Online or Download instant it speaks of our dreams and connects us with our ability to imagine, “explains Juliette Gueguen, marketing manager of Andes Films.

“Magic Park” (“Wonder Park”) is the project chosen by Paramount Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie , after a long process of planning and development, to break into the animation film market. His entry into this industry is in partnership with the prestigious Nickelodeon Movies, which has the support of successful franchises such as “SpongeBob”, “Rank” and “Ninja Turtles”. For its part, the channel prepares an animated series based on the characters of this film, which will debut on its screen during the last quarter of this year.

The script of this story was written by Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec, the same duo behind films like “Ninja Turtles” (2014) and “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” (2011). Watch Online or Download instant Both authors developed the original idea with screenwriter Robert Gordon, who was in charge of the film adaptation of “A series of unfortunate events” (2004).

The main song of the film, “Tú eres la magia”, is Wonder Park 2019 Full Movie  performed by Spanish singer / songwriter David Bisbal, who will perform at the next edition of the Viña del Mar Festival. The original cast includes the voices of renowned figures such as Jennifer Garner, Matthew Broderick and Mila Kunis.